Metal Detectors Brands

It is important to be updated about all the metal detectors brands whole products are available on the market. Firstly, this allows to compare models by many different companies, and maybe choose a more budget-friendly option but with similar technical specifications and features. Secondly, it allows to develop certain preferences, since every company, while of course trying to have their cake and eat it, focuses more on devices for specific purposes or locations.

Thirdly, it is generally impossible to develop detecting skills without acquiring knowledge about brands, trends, and machines. So, learn more about five the most influential leaders among manufacturers of metal detectors.


Minelab Metal Detectors is a well-known Australian manufacturer founded back in 1985. Australia, overall, trailed far behind the rest of the world in terms of detecting, and imported machines from other countries for its industrial purposes. However, American or European machines did not fit special Australian grounds, and this is how Minelab was invented. They make excellent machines for different purposes, and different user levels. One of Minelab’s main features is to always add some novelty to device.


Garrett Metal Detectors is one of the oldest, and also one of the biggest manufacturers existing on the market today. They operate since 1964, making products both for personal treasure hunting, and for professional purposes and services. Garrett is loved devotedly by many detectorists around the world for their outstanding quality that does not fade with time.


Fisher Metal Detectors is literally the oldest company in this market. Founded by the German immigrant to the US, this company started making the first modern metal detectors in the world. The technology applied by Fisher did not exist before, and the company help leadership for many years. Now, they belong to umbrella corporation First Texas Products, but the quality of their devices is still high.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors is one of the best-known US brands, loved and bought mostly by Americans. It also belongs to the First Texas Products umbrella company, but have their own zest with everything. One of the main features of this company is that they make absolutely excellent and user-friendly devices for newbies. They also have models that would fit children and teenagers – and there are fully functional machines, not cheap toys! In other words, Bounty Hunter is one of the leaders in beginners devices niche.


Whites Metal Detectors is one of the oldest purely American companies. In the 70s, they collaborated with the government mining for different industries, but soon the government announced they did not need collaboration anymore. Whites, in contrast to many other competitors that immediately went bankrupt, adapted to a new market, and started making items for treasure hunting. The company is still alive and kicking, making new series on a regular basis.

These are the most well-known brands making metal detecting devices. Choose the one you like best!

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